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Post by AGGIE♥ on Thu Jul 22, 2010 8:01 pm

Yesterday I had asked Sam out & I am so glad I did because he said yes! I love my Sammiebearie. & Sam if your reading this, I put a picture for your avatar on here <3.
So today I woke up at 6: 55 AM in my time, From my moms dog. Because in the mornings he likes to go outside with my Golden Retriever Milly & see if they can find more frogs to eat.
Well thats pretty much it.... Love you Sammiebearie.

Ok today I am worried & my heart is hurting.... Sam hasnt been on all day & I miss him.... I have a feeling he is hurt or something. Please Sam be safe.
I have got to know his sister, She is really nice. Also yesterday night I got kicked off the Volleyball team because me & one of the other teams members got in a big fight & now my face has a black/purple mark on it, But I broke the girls arm. & there was alot of trash talk. So I went to my band members before I went to eat & go to movies & talk to them. Luckily they didnt kick me out of the band. Chealsea was all like Alexa what freakin happened to your face?!?! Cole & Brad were worried also... I am the lead singer & play the gutair, Chealsea plays the gutair also & helps me sing. Then Brad plays the piano & then Cole plays drums.
So then me, Chase & my Mom went to go see Ramona & Beezus.... Yeah that was pretty much my day. xD

I am sooo bored... Jk I am RPin with Maddy & talking to Wolf & Kristen & Maddy on the DCT! Im a busy girl xD
I talked to Sam!

Ok so I have been so busy that I couldnt work on my site, I have staff helping me & yeah. So Im at my nanas house alone & its scary. I wish I had a friend here, Seriously.
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