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Post by *~Maddy~* on Fri Jul 23, 2010 2:54 am

I had gone to New Jersey for three weeks. I was there with my Aunt and Uncle. We had a blast, getting to go to the beach everyday, swim, eat icecream. And relax. When we fianlly came home. My Aunt met up with my mom and dad. I was so happy to see them. Going three weeks without seeing them was hard. It was the middle of July, and it was pretty hot out. Which made my blonde hight lights show more than ever. I am 12 years old, tall, skinny, and I have Brown-ish, red-ish hair. When me and my brother were driving home with my mom and dad, my mom said
" We have a surprise for you. "
" Who? " I asked.
" Well, mostly for you. " My mom said. I smiled wide.
What could it be? I thought as we drove home. As we pulled up our long drive-way, that lead all the way back to our house, I looked around, wondering where it could be. We got out of the truck.
" Follow me. " My dad said. We walked through our front yard, to the pasture in the front. I was really confused. Why was he bringing me down here? I thought. When we reached the pasture, I was two things standing there. Two horses. There was a big one, and a little one. Which was the baby. I walked towards them slowly. I stood at the gate. looking at them.
" Wanna go in with them? " My dad asked. I nodded my head, and he slowly opened the gate for me. I walked in, and saw the tall one, she was a dark brown, like a dark chocolate color, with a black mane, tail, and socks. The baby was just the same. The baby came walking right up to me. I stuck my hand out and pet the little thing. My smile grew even wider. I had never liked a horse before. But, I suddenly fell deeply in love with the little horse.
" Whats its name? " I asked, still petting the horse.
" Um. Whiskey. " I laughed.
" Whiskey? Seriously? "
My dad nodded, then looked at my mom. I didn't pay any attention the them.
" What about the bigger one? Whats her name? "
" Her name, " My dad started. " is Tennessee. "
" Love it. " I said. " I love both of their names. "
The rest of the evening, I spent with them. Finally, my mom had to come get me before it got dark. The next day, I was up bright and early. When I saw Tennessee, she looked. Skinny. Too skinny.
" Dad? " I asked. " Why is she so skinny? "
He looked at me, then at her.
" She wasn't taken care of properly. And neither was Whiskey. "
" How did you get them? " I asked.
" At a horse auction. Your mom wanted them. "
" Oh, " I said quietly. " Well, they will get it a whole lot better here. And soon, they will be nice, and fat. And all. "
My dad nodded. " And Whiskey, is your horse. Got it? "
I turned to him with big eyes.
" My horse? Really! " I jumped up and down, so excited.
" Yup, but you'll have to wait to mess with her till shes older. "
" How old is she? " I asked looking at her.
" Two weeks. " My dad said quietly.
" Two weeks? No way. " I said. To me, she only looked two days old. Nothing like two weeks.
" Yup. Well, I gotta finish feeding. " My dad said. As he walked away, I looked at Whiskey, who was standing next to Tennessee. I sighed.
" Your gonna love it here. Both of you. I promise. " I said to them.
A week went by, and I was woken up early the next day.
" Hey, we gotta go. " My mom said as i got up.
" Why? What's wrong? " I asked still half asleep.
" Tennessee and them need to go to a Equestrian Hosptial. "
As we drove there, it was quiet. I didn't even know what was wrong. I didn't ask, thinking they would tell me. When we pulled in, they got right out, and unloaded the horses. When we walked in, there was lots of horses there. It had that smell, like what a vet smells like. I hated that smell, cause it brings back awful memories. I walekd past the stall Whiskey and Tennessee were in. I looked at Whiskey, who looked so scared. I felt a tear run down my cheeck. Then the vet came in.
" Are these your horses? " She asked.
My dad looked at her.
" Yes. Why? "
" Then we must take them off of you. " She said sternly.
" Why we just got them? "
She looked at him.
" I see. So you rescued them? "
" Yes. " My dad said. She nodded.
" Well, I have bad news. The mare, will need surgery. Or, you can have her put to sleep. "
My mom looked at my dad, then my mom looked at the vet.
" We will have the surgery done. How much will this cost? "
" Six thousand dollars. "
My dads eyes got huge. The vet walked away.
" Well. " My dad said. " If it will help her, then that's what we have to do."
When we drove home, I couldn't get Whiskey out of my mind. I couldn't wait till they could come home.

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